The Software Project Management Plan (SPMP) Instructions

You'll want to maintain a copy of your SPMP in your Wiki, but you will also need to submit electronic copies for Interation 0 and the Final Submission.

SPMP Section 0

0.1 Title Page , including (1) the name your team has given to the project, (2) your group letter, and (3) all the names of the team members and their roles.
0.2 Table of Contents, set up as hyperlinks to bookmarks of each of the items below.

SPMP Section 1:  Introduction

1.1 Problem statement. Provide one paragraph describing the problem you are solving with your product.
1.2 Benefits. Provide one paragraph on the benefits of your proposed system to your customer. Why would your customer want your system?

SPMP Section 2:  Project Organization

2.1 Project Responsibilities:  List responsibilities of each team member.
2.2 Configuration Management Plan: 

  1. What process the group members must undergo to request that changes be made to the software?
  2. How files will be maintained such that two individuals are not making changes to the same files without being aware of the other's changes?
  3. Define standard naming conventions that may be applied so that versioning can be easily performed.
  4. Who may access files and make changes?

SPMP Section 3:  Technical Plan

3.1 High-level iteration plan. Make a table which schedules each of the user stories into one of the four iterations (Iterations 1, 2, 3 plus the final product).
3.2 Non-functional Requirements:  List any non-functional requirements.
3.3 Constraints: List any project constraints.
3.4 Test Planning: One aspect of test planning involves meeting the customer-stated acceptance test cases. Within your team, you should also discuss any additional black box test cases that you should consider. Remember the customer most definitely will use the software in different ways than stated in the acceptance test plans. Think about what else the customer may want to do or may do accidentally. What would a hacker try to do? [Think diabolically] Document at least ten additional black box test cases. Remember to use your black box test case template!

SPMP Section 4: General Architecture [FINAL SUBMISSION ONLY]

4.1 Describe the general architecture of your system.
4.2 Describe any patterns that are used in the system.